The BINS archive contains a tools directory with some small BINS related utilities. Here is a quick documentation about these tools.


The bins_cleanupgallery script can be use to remove any unused file in your HTML galleries, for example images you have removed from you source tree. Run it without argument for usage information. Note that this script is still experimental, so if it performs wrong, just re-run bins to recreate erased files.

This program was written by Jochen Schaeuble .


This program creates a image files tree for each image size from a BINS generated album. Edit the variables in the configuration section and run it.

Note that this program will not work if there is files or directories with space in their name in your tree.


This script remove numeric prefixes added with add_num_prefix. See below.


add_num_prefix adds incremental numeric prefixes to files. You can use it to order the images in your albums. Note that there is an alternate method to order images and sub-albums, using the album.list file (see the FAQ).

      add_num_prefix start step files...
      Add a numeric prefix starting at 'start', incrementing by 'step' on 'files'.

For example, say that you have two sets of images, from two digicams. The images are named IMG_* for the first one, and DSC* for the second one. You want that the first set appears first in the album, and then, you want to change the order of some pictures. You start by adding a prefix on the first set:

      add_num_prefix 0100 100 IMG_*

The images are now named like this:


Then do the same on the second set (note that the last image of the first set in now named 2500_IMG_*):

      add_num_prefix 2600 100 DSC*

Then, you can reorder some of the pictures by changing their prefix. Just rename them with a file manager or on command line:

      mv 1400_IMG_3450.JPG 0550_IMG_3450.JPG

You can also change the order of several pictures with remove_num_prefix and add_num_prefix. For example, to move all pictures between 1200 (included) to 1600 (not included) after the picture number 0100, use the following commands:

      remove_num_prefix 1[2-5]*_IMG*.JPG
      add_num_prefix 0110 10 IMG*

This remove the prefix of the pictures you want to move, and add a new one beginning after 0100, with a small step. If you have already some XML files in your album, run also:

      remove_num_prefix 1[2-5]00_*.xml
      add_num_prefix 0110 10 IMG*


Adrian Rossiter wrote this program. It can be used to set description fields in an alternate way. Here are the instructions from Adrian:

I build a directory tree of image albums as normal, but in each album directory I create an include_images.txt file containing a list of the album images in the order I want them. I get bins to only consider the images in the include_images.txt files by setting the excludeFiles parameter in binsrc to exclude all files (.*).

I then add comment lines to the include_images.txt files which I process with a bins_addtext to set up the album. At the beginning I add the album details, then after each image I add the title and description. bins_addtext simply calls the bins_edit program with the various details as arguments.

This is working out reasonably well as I can easily change the album, image text, order of images, etc just by editing one text file. Here is an example include_images.txt file for a one image album:

         #Some Album Title (1 line)
         #Long description of Some Album
         #(can be many
         #|Short description of Some Album (starts after the pipe symbol)
         #can be many lines, then put another pipe symbol and this is followed
         #by the sample album image)

         #Some Image Title (1 line)
         #Description of Some Image
         #can be many lines
         #and include html <BR>
         #but you may have to escape certain symbols for the command line e.g.
         #<A HREF=\"\">Some Site</A>

I call the script bins_addtext. It just takes a list of directories where it looks for include_images.txt and processes it. You can use a different file by passing the name with the -f option, e.g process include_images.txt in the current directory:

        bin_addtext ./

Process album_desc.txt in directories some_album1 and some_album2:

      bin_addtext -f album_desc.txt some_album1 some_album2


This is used to convert the old txt description files used in BINS older than 1.1.0 version to the new XML one. Run it with the directory of your image tree as parameter.


This script is useful if you have lots of pictures into a directory structure and you want to add only some of them to a web album preserving the initial structure, using GQview.

Go into the tools directory and run perldoc gqv2bins for instructions.

This script was written by Dragos Constantinescu .