Editing the XML files

bins_edit and bins-edit-gui create a XML file for each picture file commented (same name followed by .xml) and an album.xml file in each directory of an album which is commented. If you want to directly edit comments about the image, or if you want to set some parameter (see the bins section below) you can do so by editing the XML file directly with an editor (supporting Unicode if you use non-standard ASCII characters). The three main sections of this files are:

  • description: contains desciption fields (comment about the image or the album, like title, date, location, etc.).

  • bins: contains parameters to personalize the bins program behavior (and thus, the HTML album aspect). You can use here most of the parameters found in the binsrc file (see Customization section.)

  • exif: store the data found in the Exif structure of the image file. If the image file is modified and the Exif structure is lost, BINS will use the data stored in the description file (note that Exif data from the image file takes precedence on the one of the description file). album.xml files don't have this section.

After setting or changing any value in the XML files, you have to rerun bins to generate new HTML pages.

To see how you can change albums parameters, a sample album.xml file is provided in the doc directory.