BINS in Nautilus

You can edit BINS description files of your images directly in Nautilus using bins-edit-gui. To do so, put the following shell script in the file .gnome2/nautilus-scripts/BINS (or .gnome/nautilus-scripts/BINS if you're using gnome 1.x) :

# Script to edit BINS xml description files from Nautilus.
# Written by crafterm at, Sun Mar 16 21:26:26 CET 2003

    awk 'BEGIN { FS = "\n" } { printf "\"%s\" ", $1 }' | \
    sed -e s#\"\"##)

eval "bins-edit-gui $quoted"

Then, make the script executable by going in the file's directory and running the following command :

    chmod u+rx BINS

By putting that shell script there, you can use Nautilus to select all images you want to edit/add info about and then right click, scripts... and then BINS. It will then launch the gui with all the files selected, as loaded.

Thanks to Zaheer Merali for this tip and to Marcus Crafter for the script.