Command line interface

You can use the bins_edit program to set description fields or one or several images. For example, to add the comment my picture to pic.jpg, go to the images directory (where pic.jpg is), and type:

    bins_edit -d "my picture" pic.jpg

The -d option stands for description. You can set other fields, like location or date. Run bins_edit --help to see all fields available and read the bins_edit(1) man page. The description text can be HTML with the --html switch. You can run bins_edit on several images, for example:

    $ bins_edit -l "Paris" -y "2001" *.jpg

For each album (and sub-albums), you can also set a title, a description and a sample image to be used as a thumbnail to represent the album. To do so, you can use bins_edit with the --album switch. Type bins_edit --help for more details.

After setting or changing any fields, you have to rerun bins to generate new HTML pages.