You can customize BINS by editing the value of the parameters in the binsrc config file. One such file is provided in the distribution. If you have installed BINS as root, it should be in , or else in ~/.bins (you can copy it from to ~/.bins if you want to change configuration only for your user). See the comments in this file or the bins man page for more information about the available parameters.

You can also put these parameters (when it makes sense) in the album (album.xml) or image (image_name.jpg.xml for example) description files, in the bins section of these files (see Editing the description files in an editor), to personalize only some album, sub-album or images pages. A sample album.xml file is provided in the doc directory.

HTML albums can be personalized by these parameters, but also with new styles. You can create a new style by writing new HTML templates. If you do so, don't hesitate to send me your realization if you want them to be included with BINS.