You need Perl in order to run BINS, as well as the following Perl libraries (Mandrake and Debian package names are provided when known).

This tarball contains all these libraries in rpm format for Mandrake or as tarballs when no rpm are available (see below for information on how to install Perl library from tarball).

Table 1. Prerequisites Libraries

Perl library Debian package Mandrake 8.1 & 8.2 package
POSIX perl-baseperl-base-5.601-7mdk
IO::File perl-baseperl-base-5.601-7mdk
Getopt::Long perl-base perl-base-5.601-7mdk
File::Basename perl-modulesperl-base-5.601-7mdk
IO:String libio-string-perl  
Image::Size libimage-size-perl perl-Image-Size-2.903-5mdk
Image::Info libimage-info-perlperl-Image-Info-1.07-1mdk
Image::Magick (with the ImageMagick tools collection) perlmagick perl-Magick-
HTML::Entities libhtml-parser-perl perl-HTML-Parser-3.25-3mdk
HTML::Template libhtml-template-perl  
HTML::Clean libhtml-clean-perl  
URI:Escape liburi-perl perl-URI-1.18-1mdk
XML::Parser::PerlSAX libxml-perl perl-libxml-perl-0.07-5mdk
XML::Grove libxml-grove-perl perl-XML-Grove-0.46alpha-2mdk
XML::Handler::YAWriter libxml-handler-yawriter-perl
Text::Iconv libtext-iconv-perl
Text::Unaccent libtext-unaccent-perl
Locale::gettext (optional if you don't want to have I18N in your album.) liblocale-gettext-perl perl-gettext-1.0-10mdk

Refer to this page to know how to install them. You can find the perl interpreter and all this Perl libraries on CPAN.

BINS need theImageMagick tools collection, which is probably already install on your system if you run one of the common GNU/Linux distribution. You can verify it by trying to run the convert (used to scale images) and mogrify (used to rotate images) programs.

If the rotateWithJpegtran parameter is set to 1 somewhere in the configuration file, BINS can also use jpegtran to rotate images when the Orientation EXIF tag is found. If it doesn't find it (or if rotateWithJpegtran is set to 0), it will use the mogrify (from ImageMagick) tool instead. The jpegtran program can perform lossless transformation and is quicker than mogify, but works only on JPEG files. Note that some systems use a version of this program that is not compatible with BINS, so the rotateWithJpegtran is set to 0 in default config. jpegtran can be found in the libjpeg-progs Debian package or in the jpegsrc tarball accessible on this FTP site.