Automatic installation

When you are sure you have all this dependencies filled, extract the BINS archive in a directory of your choice.

You can install BINS either system wide (all users can run it) or only for one user. Note that this procedure will replace your old programs and templates, so do a backup before running it if you made some changes.

To install BINS system wide, run the script as root. This will install program in , internationalization files in and configuration files in . Note that if you want to change configuration for a particular user with this install, you just have to copy the content of in ~/.bins and you can then personalize BINS configuration for that user by editing files in ~/.bins.

To install BINS for just one user, run the script as this user. This will install program in ~/bin and configuration files in ~/.bins. Note that internationalization files (used to generate non-english albums) will NOT be copied, because they have to be installed in .