Album examples

You can see some examples of albums generated by BINS by following one of this links :

  • My personal album in French, with different color and template styles in sub-albums, generated by the latest version of BINS. Go to the Album photos::Lieux::Paris sub-album to see the joi templates, which use css, javascipt and icons.

  • Joachim Kohlhammer's album, uses the joi templates. Joachim is the author of the joi templates, you can send him feedback about it. You can also browse its album with the default templates.

  • Marc Menem's album uses his own marc templates. It doesn't use tables, all positioning is done with CSS.

  • Michael Olson made the mwolson templates. His gallery illustrate this style.

  • The Society for Creative Anachronism uses BINS for its pictures gallery, using custom template derived from the standard joi template with searching from the swigs template.

  • Jason Wright's gallery has several thousands images in more than 100 albums.

  • Satya album uses the satyap style. Satya wrote the templates for this style and can be reached here.

  • Petrus's album uses the petrus template, which is based on the joi template from Joachim.

  • Andrei Emeltchenko's album uses Russian i18n. Andrei is the author of the Russian translation, you can reach him here.

  • The album of Adrian Rossiter uses some personal colors as well as some slightly modified template to fit with the look of the rest of the site. You can also check his collection of geometry related images.

  • Sean's Photo Album is in English and doesn't use scaled images.

  • Emmanuel le Chevoir's album is in French.

  • MicroShell has an album of their work. It uses joi templates and is in French.

I'm looking for examples in other languages and/or configurations, so if you have a BINS generated album and agree I use it as an example, let me know the URL so I can add it on this page.


Here is a screenshot of bins-edit-gui, the gnome interface.